Our Team

We are an international team of dedicated professionals comprising data scientists, programmers and all, distributed across multiple time zones and regions of the world, led by seasoned software developers and branding design consultants.

Sean Okihiro
Managing Director  

Not someone who can stick with just one passion, Sean majored in both Architecture and Computer Graphics at Cornell University, has launched multiple companies, including an online wine resource, Kobo Design, a branding agency, and BeanCurious, an automated coffee-subscription service. Sean is always interested in developing new businesses ideas. His skills span branding, design, UX, technology and management, making him a perfect fit for BrandCrafter.

Stiofán Ó Riain

Always striving to build stable and maintainable software, Stiofán has over 20 year’s professional experience in software development, data science, automation and quality assurance. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has previously worked for a number of startups and multinationals including Sage, AOL, Oracle and Microsoft.

Ben Chan
Software Developer  

Ben graduated just 1 point shy of becoming valedictorian of his class. This wronging didn’t slow him down though; when he’s not composing code of poetic beauty, Ben volunteers at an animal shelter, and on weekends can be found helping out at a local old folk’s home. Ladies, better grab him now!

Luvelle Lim
Product Manager  

When she’s not hiking up mountain trails or lounging on the beach, Luvelle grabs a torch and goes on bug hunts. Uncovering problems with our product, whipping out detailed specs and happily pointing out when we’re being illogical, Luvelle’s soft tone makes the development team feel at peace while she points out every mistake and flaw in the system.